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Eyelash Extensions Vs Lash Lifts: Which is Right for You?

There’s no denying that full, fluffy lashes make you feel great. Darker, fuller lashes make our eyes look bigger, brighter, and more awake, and give a youthful appearance – which is why so many of us have been a slave to the mascara wand for so long. Many of us even turned to glue-on lashes, which are not only a huge time-suck, but are difficult to put on correctly and even tougher to remove.

That explains why eyelash extensions and other semi-permanent services have made such a splash, as a long lasting alternative to the daily grind of applying and removing mascara and falsies.

At Eye Candy, Point Loma’s premier eyelash extension studio, we offer a variety of lash services, including both eyelash extensions and lash lifts. But which one is right for you?

Classic Eyelash Extensions:

Our classic eyelash extensions give you a natural yet full lash look that is perfect for the day-to-day. A mega time-saver, these lashes get you out the door quicker while giving you a flawless, flirty lash look without the need to slather on the mascara or apply falsies. At Eye Candy, we apply one high-quality lash to each natural lash with a safe yet durable glue, giving you fantastic lashes for 3-4 weeks. A go-to for our lash crew, classic eyelashes look great on just about everyone.

Volume Eyelash Extensions:

Volume eyelash extensions are a great choice if you have sparser or thinner lashes, as we use lash “fans” to multiply your lashes and give you a super texturized, yet still natural-looking lash look. We can customize your look for a fuller or more subtle appearance - so don’t forget to bring your inspiration pics!

Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions:

Go big or go home! If that’s your motto, or you’re headed to a big event or girls vacation, we recommend these lashes. We use fluffy fans applied to your natural lash for a doe-eyed, head-turning look that rivals any strip lash!

Pro-tip: Eyelash extensions look great on just about everyone, but they do require maintenance - if you go too long between fills you could end up with sparse, uneven lashes that require mascara again!

Lash Lifts:

If you’re blessed with long lashes, but just want to wake them up a bit, a lash lift is a FANTASTIC alternative to eyelash extensions, as it semi-permanently curls and lifts your natural lashes for a low-maintenance, youthful look that lasts up to 8 weeks.

At Eye Candy, our mission is to connect with clients to ensure they get the lash service that best fits their desired look and level of maintenance. Send us a message or book an appointment with one of our experienced and professional Point Loma eyelash extension technicians to discuss what lash look is great for you.

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