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Bold, Beautiful Brows: Brow Lamination in San Diego

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

Eyelash extensions might be our bread and butter here at Eye Candy, but recently we've been absolutely loving sharing the magic of brow lamination: a semi-permanent treatment that takes your brows from meh to marvelous, no needles needed.

So, what is brow lamination?

We often refer to brow lamination as a "brow perm," essentially, the relaxing of any curl or wave you have in your natural brow hairs, giving them the opportunity to lay smooth and flat. This creates the appearance of a thicker, bolder eyebrow.

Using skin-safe chemical treatment, your brow hairs are straightened and brushed upwards. As one specialist at Allure says,

your brow artist will "soften the hair follicle using a chemical solution "and then re-shapes, or sets, it into a more refined, lifted, smoother shape." The result? Perfect brushed up brows that give a fuller, more uniform and defined look.

Is brow lamination right for me?

Good news - brow lamination is great for just about any client. While having thicker, even brows will of course result in a bolder look, even those with sparse brows will benefit from a lamination treatment.

Brow lamination is great for someone looking to amplify their brows without the permanency or invasiveness of brow microblading. If you're tired of gelling and shaping your brows each morning, brow lamination can save you precious time and keep your face framers on point!

What happens in a brow lamination appointment?

First, your brow technician will discuss what you're looking for: from the shape, to fullness, tinting, etc. Then the straightening solution is applied. Your brow artist will brush the brows upward into the desired shape, and the the solution is allowed to set for a bit. The solution is then removed, your brows will be shaped, and a temporary tint will be applied to give the brow an even bolder appearance (this tint will last only a few face washes). Start to finish, your appointment should last about 45 - 60 minutes.

What does brow lamination aftercare consist of?

Like a classic perm, you should avoid getting your brows wet for at least 24 hours -- yes, that includes sweating, so skip the cardio today! After that, you'll want to be sure to continue to brush your brows to keep them lookin' extra fly.

Where should I get brow lamination in San Diego?

At Eye Candy Studio, we're the brow lamination in Point Loma experts. But don't take it from us -- check out these awesome results below... then book your brow lamination appointment today!

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