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Eyelash Extensions in San Diego from Eye Candy Studio

Whether you’re looking to glam up for a getaway or simplify your day-to-day makeup routine, eyelash extensions give your eyes a look no other technique can imitate. Mascara smudges and runs, false eyelashes are a pain to apply, and eyelash serums take weeks to work, if ever. With eyelash extensions from Eye Candy, you can wake up everyday red carpet (or Zoom call) ready.  

We know you have many options to choose from, so why get your eyelash extensions in San Diego at Eye Candy?


  • Qualified, knowledgable estheticians 

  • A clean and relaxing salon so you can indulge in some well-deserved self-care

  • Convenient location in Point Loma and flexible hours to meet your schedule

  • Top-of-the-line extensions and glue 

  • 3 styles of extensions for every day, glam, or dramatic looks


At Eye Candy in Point Loma, we offer three customizable extension styles:


Ideal for clients with naturally full lashes who are looking for a gorgeous everyday look. For Classic eyelash extensions, we add one eyelash extension to one natural eyelash. Classic eyelash extensions add length and give the look of mascara without the hassle, and last 2-4 weeks. 


Choose Classic Eyelash Extensions if you

  • Already have somewhat full lashes

  • Are tired of applying mascara every day

  • Prefer a natural lash look 

Using handmade, lightweight lash “fans”, the Hybrid eyelash extension style combines Classic lashes with fans to create a more dimensional look. This is good for the client wanting a more texturized look, or for clients with thinner lashes desiring fullness. These eyelash extensions can be customized for a natural, wispy look.


Choose Hybrid Volume Lash Extensions if you:

  • Like wispy, natural glam 

  • Have thinner lashes but want a fuller look


Using only the handmade, lightweight lash “fans” from the Hybrid look, Volume lashes have a dense, fuller outcome. This is good for the client wanting a darker lash line and a little more boldness than the Hybrid style.


Choose Volume Lash Extensions if you:

  • Prefer fullness and density over wispy 

  • Like a bold style but aren't sure if you're ready to do full Mega Volume


Using extremely lightweight lashes to build fans similar to the Hybrid or Volume technique, this style allows for ultimate thickness and drama. Good for a client who likes the bold "strip lash" look.


Choose Mega Volume Lash Extensions if you:

  • Believe bolder is always better!


A semi-permanent treatment for natural lashes that will curl and set your lashes so they look longer and fuller for up to 8 weeks. This is a good fit for a client who wants less maintenance and already has long natural lashes.

Know Before You Go!
Tips for gorgeous lashes that last:


  • Come in with clean, dry, makeup free lashes

  • Skip the coffee - caffeine can cause your eyelids to flutter, making lashes tougher to apply

  • Bring your inspo! If you’ve spotted a lash look you love online or in a magazine, bring it to your appointment so we can discuss how to make it happen for you

  • Be ready to sit back and relax. Most lash applications take about 90 minutes, with fill sessions lasting around an hour. Don’t forget to use the bathroom ahead of time 


  • Breathe! You may find it a bit strange to sit with your eyes closed for an hour, but after adjusting, most clients find it relaxing to lay back and zone out while we work our magic

  • Let us know if you are experiencing any discomfort at all



  • Schedule your lash fill! We recommend getting a fill within 2-3 weeks, when you have at least 40% of your lash extensions still intact. Get an appointment on the calendar so your lashes keep looking amazing 

  • Try not to get your lashes wet or sweaty for 24 hours if possible – after that, they are totally waterproof!

  • Use your free spoolie wand daily to keep your lashes fluffy, straight, and defined

  • Clean your lash line with the provided dry brush often 

  • Avoid sleeping on your face so your lashes won’t get squished or tangled

Ready for gorgeous, low-maintenance lashes? Book your appointment today! 

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